Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meet our family

Our first blog post!
Meet the princesses and the frog.
Actually, he's really not a frog since he's been kissed...but it just sounded cute.
Daddy, Gian, is the best man in the world! He is the hubby, the daddy, a social worker, a runner, and lots more.
Mommy, Amy, is exactly that....a Mommy and LOVING it!
Sabrina (age7) is in second grade at Tincher Preparatory school. She, like daddy, loves to run and does it well. She just finished her first 5k with a time of 30 minutes (more about that some other time). She is a social butterfly who loves school and can't stop her "happy feet" from moving.
Tabitha (age 4) just started preschool at Belmont Heights Church Preschool. She always makes us laugh. She is an independant soul and tells you like it is.
Charlee (9 weeks) has melted our hearts. She just started smiling and cooing. Now if she would only start sleeping.
That's the Del Bello family in a nutshell. Welcome to our world.


ashcraft8 said...

uncenstsYour first blog looks great.Can't wait to get ours started.

ashcraft8 said...

I love the picture.It totally fits the girls personality.

pati-Sue said...

You are sooo "techno savvy". I love your blog and can't wait to see more.

Love pati-Sue