Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to School 2012

It's that time of year...BACK TO SCHOOL.
So here we go with school year 2012-2013.
And it rained on the first day of NEVER rains on the first day of school!  But it we took pictures on our way out the door.
Sabrina is in 7th grade.
Tabitha is in 4th grade.
And...Charlee is in Kindergarten...*tears*
It warmed my heart to see these three walk in to school together.  They all go to the same school since it is a K-8 school.
 But this killed me!!!  Sending Charlee off to Kindergarten was HARD...oh, so hard!!!  She's ready, she's happy to go....but mom is having a hard time letting her go.  She's so sweet and so much fun and I'm going to miss having her tag along with me everywhere.
 She picked the square right front and center! 
The other day when I picked her up this was our conversation:
Me:  Charlee, how was your day??
Charlee:  It was fun
Me:  What did you do today?
Charlee:  I had to write my name...and it was SOOOOOO hard!!!
If only my life was that hard...hahaha.
This should be a great year for all the girls!  Tabitha already tried out for choir and had me sign the paper to let her take violin.  And Sabrina tried out for middle school Flag Football (she was the only girl to try out...gutsy).  Yep...gonna be an interesting year!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Assistance League of Long Beach Debutante Ball

Tabitha was fortunate to be able to be a Page at the ALLB Debutante Ball. 

We got all dressed up and went to the Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Long Beach.  This was a very formal, high society event...but extremely fun and quite the party!!
Tabitha was lucky to have 2 of the most beautiful Debutantes.

Jessica Ansorge

 Maddie Dobson

Tabitha had to learn a short dance and perform it that night, along with presenting her Debutantes with their bouquets of flowers. 

After the presentation of the Debutantes, we were treated to a delish dinner.  Tabitha's deb, Maddie, decorated the table we sat at.
 Tabi was just happy she got macaroni and cheese and not all the fancy food we got.

 And then it was time to party!!  Tabitha had a blast.  Girlfriend knows how to party. 
This was a very special evening for Tabitha.  And she had some amazing girls as Debutantes.  It was incredible to hear of their achievements.  I love that Tabitha had the opportunity to hear about what wonderful things girls can do in their lives and hope she feels like she, too, can do whatever she puts her mind to.

March Madness

So March started out with a BANG!
I bought a bunch of oranges and attempted to cut them up.  But cut my thumb instead.  It warranted a trip to the E.R. and some sort of glue to put it back together.  Needless to say, I'm not allowed to be around knives anymore.

 Sabrina ran on the Middle School track team (and Gian coached it).  I love this picture below of her sister, "the best cheerleader ever".  Tabi is such a trooper to have to go to all of her sister's events.

Yet another "no preschool day", however this time we got a little GOOFY.  Charlee played one of the Boardwalk games and won a stuffed Goofy.  After that it was her quest to find Goofy to take a  picture.

Yet another track meet.  Sabrina ran the 1600.  She HATED it!!  She says it's soooooo boring going around and around in circles.  She's so cross country minded.

Don't worry, though.  She still took first place.

February 2012

Bear with me...It's time I got caught up on this darn blog.  (Assuming anyone still cares.)

So, I'm sure we did a lot of fun stuff in February.  But I only found a couple highlights.

On Charlee's "no preschool" days, of course we could always be found with a princess.

And Sabrina went to her Middle School Valentine's dance looking quite cute....boys, hands off!!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Joyful January

It surely has been a JOYFUL JANUARY!

Our 2012 has kicked off with some fun events.

First, Tabitha got to go to the Assistance League of Long Beach's Debutante and Pages tea. She is going to be a Page at the ALLB Debutante Ball in March...and she is super excited! She got to meet her two Debutantes at the Tea, Maddi (0n the left) and Jessi (on the right). When we sat down at our table the Debutantes took turns interviewing her and chatting with her. You should have seen the glow on Tabitha's face!

These cute Debutantes are such sweet girls and Tabitha is going to have a blast at this VERY formal event!
At the end of the tea, each of the Debutantes gave Tabitha a gift. Jess gave Tabi a ladybug pillow pet...she was so excited! And Maddi gave Tabi some nail polish, a photo album and gumballs...Tabi was overjoyed with the gumballs (very funny).

We are looking forward to all the events that lead up to the Ball, like dress fittings, dance lessons, etc. And the Ball will be quite a special experience for Tabitha!

Our next fun event was the Pep Rally at school for Sabrina and the Tincher girls Basketball team.

Each girl was recognized and then the dance party happened! It was a fun lunch time event.

Next up...Girls track.

And we ended our January with Sabrina and Gian running the Neverland 5k as part of the the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. This run was our way of making up to Sabrina that we couldn't afford to send her to Nationals.

We went to the packet pick-up and Expo, which was super fun!

At the Expo, Sabrina got to meet Jeff Galloway. He is a BIG name in the running community and he said some pretty nice things to Sabrina!

This 5k was held at night (10:30p.m.) which was fun. They shut down Disneyland and California Adventure for the 5k.

Gian and Sabrina lined up super early and got to be in the front of the the race. This 5k had 4000 people running in it, so to be in the front was a pretty good deal. Sabrina didn't "get" that it was a FUN RUN, not a race. So after Tinkerbell flew through the sky and the fireworks went off, so did she...she FLEW OFF!! (keeping up with the top 5 men).

Gian slowed her down to take a few pictures along the way.

And...of course, what's a stay at Disneyland without a dip in the pool?!

Needless to say, it was an exhausting weekend. But, oh, so much fun!!!

We have also had school field trips, at trip to Riverside to visit our friends, some doctor visits (that gave us some good news), parks and rec basketball practices, lots of homework and much more.

It has been a very JOYFUL January!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family 2011

Sabrina, age 11.

Tabitha, age 8.
Charlee, age 4.

These three girls are a blessing to Gian and I.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Gian, Amy-Sue, Sabrina, Tabitha and Charlee Del Bello

(all pictures by Julie Presley. Thank you, Julie!)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

She did it!!

This last weekend (Nov. 19-20) we traveled down to Escondido for Sabrina to compete in the Region 15 USATF Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships. This race is extremely important as only the top 20 in each age division will qualify to compete in the National USATF Junior Olympics for Cross Country. Pressure was on!!

This is the start of Sabrina's race. She is in all black in the middle of the picture below. There was a total of 43 girls in her age division. These girls come from all over the west coast; they are the best of the best in the west coast. All, but 2 (including Sabrina) are on teams. Sabrina runs unattached...meaning not affiliated with a team. Her dad coaches her (and she had some help this summer too). It's a pretty big deal to make it this far, unattached!

The gun goes off. Does it look like the girl next to her pushed her? She did! Didn't stop Sabrina, though!

Sabrina has to run a 3k = 1.8 miles

In the end she came in 15th with a time of 11 min. 46 sec. That qualifies her for Nationals!!!

National Junior Olympics will be held on December 10th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! We are so proud of how hard Sabrina works to achieve this honor. On top of all of this she is maintaining a 3.86 G.P.A., goes to a 0 period class, plays (and is one of the captains) on the school basketball team. She is one amazing girl!

Good Luck, Sabrina!! We are so proud of you!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

October...on the run

We kicked off a very busy month with a special occasion.

Tabitha's baptism!!

This girl has had her baptism planned out for about a year...every single detail!

Her dad baptized her and it was such a special experience.
Family picture before the baptism.

Tabitha wanted a cake made by our favorite cake maker, Tami. I don't think Tabi was disappointed.

We were so blessed to have so many people come to the baptism (the Lopez family)...

...and some came in spirit, by sending a special gift (Sis. Murray and the Osswalds).

Sabrina has been knee-deep in cross country races!!

This is the Laguna Niguel meet. Look at her's like, "don't mess with me because I'm about to beat you".

Love this picture of her running in the trails.
And yet another race. This one at Mt. Sac.

I don't know what it is about this place, but it's H-E-*-#!!!!

It must have been about 95 degrees by the time she ran at 11am.

You can tell she struggled a bit in this one...but still managed to be in top 20 out of 90 girls!

Poor thing was way over-heated. It was time for a shave-ice, STAT!!

We joined our cousins and went to the ward Halloween party. I love how my brother came up with his nerd costume in the matter of 10 minutes...awesome!!

And...back to running...This was the Chino Hills meet. For some reason, Sabrina felt it was necessary to wear her "war paint" for this race.

It must have worked because she ran her best race ever! She P.R.ed her one mile time at 6min!! And she came in third overall. Here she is getting presented her trophy!

And to end the month, we went trick or treating at Nana and Papa's house. Charlee was Rapunzel, Tabitha was a flapper, and Sabrina put on just about everything she liked from the Halloween box.

October also brought some middle school drama (for Sabrina), sickness (for everyone), lots of learning at preschool (for Charlee), new glasses (for Tabi), some new recipes (for Amy), cross country coaching (for Gian), volleyball practices and games (for Sabrina and Tabitha), and so much more. We have definately been ON THE RUN!!