Tuesday, November 22, 2011

She did it!!

This last weekend (Nov. 19-20) we traveled down to Escondido for Sabrina to compete in the Region 15 USATF Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships. This race is extremely important as only the top 20 in each age division will qualify to compete in the National USATF Junior Olympics for Cross Country. Pressure was on!!

This is the start of Sabrina's race. She is in all black in the middle of the picture below. There was a total of 43 girls in her age division. These girls come from all over the west coast; they are the best of the best in the west coast. All, but 2 (including Sabrina) are on teams. Sabrina runs unattached...meaning not affiliated with a team. Her dad coaches her (and she had some help this summer too). It's a pretty big deal to make it this far, unattached!

The gun goes off. Does it look like the girl next to her pushed her? She did! Didn't stop Sabrina, though!

Sabrina has to run a 3k = 1.8 miles

In the end she came in 15th with a time of 11 min. 46 sec. That qualifies her for Nationals!!!

National Junior Olympics will be held on December 10th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! We are so proud of how hard Sabrina works to achieve this honor. On top of all of this she is maintaining a 3.86 G.P.A., goes to a 0 period class, plays (and is one of the captains) on the school basketball team. She is one amazing girl!

Good Luck, Sabrina!! We are so proud of you!!

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