Friday, November 4, 2011

October...on the run

We kicked off a very busy month with a special occasion.

Tabitha's baptism!!

This girl has had her baptism planned out for about a year...every single detail!

Her dad baptized her and it was such a special experience.
Family picture before the baptism.

Tabitha wanted a cake made by our favorite cake maker, Tami. I don't think Tabi was disappointed.

We were so blessed to have so many people come to the baptism (the Lopez family)...

...and some came in spirit, by sending a special gift (Sis. Murray and the Osswalds).

Sabrina has been knee-deep in cross country races!!

This is the Laguna Niguel meet. Look at her's like, "don't mess with me because I'm about to beat you".

Love this picture of her running in the trails.
And yet another race. This one at Mt. Sac.

I don't know what it is about this place, but it's H-E-*-#!!!!

It must have been about 95 degrees by the time she ran at 11am.

You can tell she struggled a bit in this one...but still managed to be in top 20 out of 90 girls!

Poor thing was way over-heated. It was time for a shave-ice, STAT!!

We joined our cousins and went to the ward Halloween party. I love how my brother came up with his nerd costume in the matter of 10 minutes...awesome!!

And...back to running...This was the Chino Hills meet. For some reason, Sabrina felt it was necessary to wear her "war paint" for this race.

It must have worked because she ran her best race ever! She P.R.ed her one mile time at 6min!! And she came in third overall. Here she is getting presented her trophy!

And to end the month, we went trick or treating at Nana and Papa's house. Charlee was Rapunzel, Tabitha was a flapper, and Sabrina put on just about everything she liked from the Halloween box.

October also brought some middle school drama (for Sabrina), sickness (for everyone), lots of learning at preschool (for Charlee), new glasses (for Tabi), some new recipes (for Amy), cross country coaching (for Gian), volleyball practices and games (for Sabrina and Tabitha), and so much more. We have definately been ON THE RUN!!

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