Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer 2011

Our summer went down like this:

We sent Sabrina off to 5th grade camp.

Daddy napping.
We met up with our besties, The Lopez Family, for some fun at Cabrillo Beach.

We went to the bay every Monday.

Some paddleboarding down at the bay.

Some more awesome paddleboarding at the bay...Sabrina's new love!

We took a trip to the newly re-done Disneyland Hotel.

Fell in love with the waterslides and splash area at the Disneyland Hotel!!

Cabana family time at the hotel pool.

Went with these beautiful ladies to see the Broadway show Mary Poppins.

Celebrated Brandon's birthday with The Yap family.

This was a HUGE part of our summer....Sychronized Swimming. EVERYDAY we went to the Belmont Pool so Sabrina and Tabitha could be on a summer Sychronized Swim Team. It was a TON of fun and we made some great friends!

A trip to Goofy's Kitchen for my birthday.

A fun day with lots of friends at SPLASH waterpark.

A SECOND trip to the Disneyland hotel!

Ridemakerz at Downtown Disney where Daddy got to make a remote control car.

Hanging out with Mickey!More Disneyland pool fun!

Charlee's dream come meet Rapunzel and Flynn Rider!

These girls got their ears pierced.

Tabitha was really, really, really happy to get her ears pierced.

And another HUGE part of our summer was Sabrina's daily committment to cross-country training with the Los Alamitos High School team. (Thanks Nate!!)

She loved running with some of her teammates from So. Cal. Running Wild days...and she loved hangin' with her "high school homies". She really gave those high schoolers a challenge. She was the youngest kid there and she ran with the Varsity boys and girls....those high schoolers were AMAZED!!

It was a VERY busy summer. We had fun, made friends, did the things we love, got great tans and enjoyed each other! It was a summer to remember!!


Natalie said...

Faith is super jealous about the Rapunzel and Flynn Rider thing. Oh how she loves that movie. I need to take her to Disneyland soon. I need to take me to Disneyland soon.

ashcraft8 said...

A busy, great ,memorable summer. Just the way you like it

Jenny said...

I think you're the most fun mom ever! Congratulations Tabitha!! Wow, Sabrina is going to be a force to be reckoned with...looks like she already is. Olympics???