Sunday, July 29, 2012

Assistance League of Long Beach Debutante Ball

Tabitha was fortunate to be able to be a Page at the ALLB Debutante Ball. 

We got all dressed up and went to the Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Long Beach.  This was a very formal, high society event...but extremely fun and quite the party!!
Tabitha was lucky to have 2 of the most beautiful Debutantes.

Jessica Ansorge

 Maddie Dobson

Tabitha had to learn a short dance and perform it that night, along with presenting her Debutantes with their bouquets of flowers. 

After the presentation of the Debutantes, we were treated to a delish dinner.  Tabitha's deb, Maddie, decorated the table we sat at.
 Tabi was just happy she got macaroni and cheese and not all the fancy food we got.

 And then it was time to party!!  Tabitha had a blast.  Girlfriend knows how to party. 
This was a very special evening for Tabitha.  And she had some amazing girls as Debutantes.  It was incredible to hear of their achievements.  I love that Tabitha had the opportunity to hear about what wonderful things girls can do in their lives and hope she feels like she, too, can do whatever she puts her mind to.

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Natalie said...

that looks like so much fun. My Faith would love it!!