Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to School 2012

It's that time of year...BACK TO SCHOOL.
So here we go with school year 2012-2013.
And it rained on the first day of NEVER rains on the first day of school!  But it we took pictures on our way out the door.
Sabrina is in 7th grade.
Tabitha is in 4th grade.
And...Charlee is in Kindergarten...*tears*
It warmed my heart to see these three walk in to school together.  They all go to the same school since it is a K-8 school.
 But this killed me!!!  Sending Charlee off to Kindergarten was HARD...oh, so hard!!!  She's ready, she's happy to go....but mom is having a hard time letting her go.  She's so sweet and so much fun and I'm going to miss having her tag along with me everywhere.
 She picked the square right front and center! 
The other day when I picked her up this was our conversation:
Me:  Charlee, how was your day??
Charlee:  It was fun
Me:  What did you do today?
Charlee:  I had to write my name...and it was SOOOOOO hard!!!
If only my life was that hard...hahaha.
This should be a great year for all the girls!  Tabitha already tried out for choir and had me sign the paper to let her take violin.  And Sabrina tried out for middle school Flag Football (she was the only girl to try out...gutsy).  Yep...gonna be an interesting year!

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Jackie said...

I still read even if I don't comment! Your girls are so cute and I love to see how they are involved in every kind of activity out there! I hope Charlee is loving Kindergarten, and that you are loving having a few hours to yourself a day.