Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Joyful January

It surely has been a JOYFUL JANUARY!

Our 2012 has kicked off with some fun events.

First, Tabitha got to go to the Assistance League of Long Beach's Debutante and Pages tea. She is going to be a Page at the ALLB Debutante Ball in March...and she is super excited! She got to meet her two Debutantes at the Tea, Maddi (0n the left) and Jessi (on the right). When we sat down at our table the Debutantes took turns interviewing her and chatting with her. You should have seen the glow on Tabitha's face!

These cute Debutantes are such sweet girls and Tabitha is going to have a blast at this VERY formal event!
At the end of the tea, each of the Debutantes gave Tabitha a gift. Jess gave Tabi a ladybug pillow pet...she was so excited! And Maddi gave Tabi some nail polish, a photo album and gumballs...Tabi was overjoyed with the gumballs (very funny).

We are looking forward to all the events that lead up to the Ball, like dress fittings, dance lessons, etc. And the Ball will be quite a special experience for Tabitha!

Our next fun event was the Pep Rally at school for Sabrina and the Tincher girls Basketball team.

Each girl was recognized and then the dance party happened! It was a fun lunch time event.

Next up...Girls track.

And we ended our January with Sabrina and Gian running the Neverland 5k as part of the the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. This run was our way of making up to Sabrina that we couldn't afford to send her to Nationals.

We went to the packet pick-up and Expo, which was super fun!

At the Expo, Sabrina got to meet Jeff Galloway. He is a BIG name in the running community and he said some pretty nice things to Sabrina!

This 5k was held at night (10:30p.m.) which was fun. They shut down Disneyland and California Adventure for the 5k.

Gian and Sabrina lined up super early and got to be in the front of the the race. This 5k had 4000 people running in it, so to be in the front was a pretty good deal. Sabrina didn't "get" that it was a FUN RUN, not a race. So after Tinkerbell flew through the sky and the fireworks went off, so did she...she FLEW OFF!! (keeping up with the top 5 men).

Gian slowed her down to take a few pictures along the way.

And...of course, what's a stay at Disneyland without a dip in the pool?!

Needless to say, it was an exhausting weekend. But, oh, so much fun!!!

We have also had school field trips, at trip to Riverside to visit our friends, some doctor visits (that gave us some good news), parks and rec basketball practices, lots of homework and much more.

It has been a very JOYFUL January!!

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ashcraft8 said...

A busy month. Love the last pic!