Monday, October 22, 2007

And the winner of Mom of the year goes to....

Yeah, me. In all the rush this morning of getting the kids dressed, fed, backpacks checked, diaper bags checked, last-minute cleaning to get ready for Thomas (see next post), getting me dressed, fed, and more...... there was a minor oversight.
I picked up Sabrina from school and this is the conversation:
Sabrina: Um, Mom.
Me: Yes Sabrina, I'll turn up the Hairspray soundtrack.
Sabrina: Um, no Mom.
Me: What is it, Sabrina? Do you have alot of homework?
Sabrina: Not really, But MOM...
Me: What???
Sabrina: You know my pajama bottoms?
Me: Yea, your shorts ones.
Sabrina: I wore them to school today, under my shorts, by accident.
(Mass laughter ensued for the rest of the drive home!)
Yes, once again. I win the prize!


Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

That is so funny...Sabrina you are the best kid ever!!! And Amy-Sue you are an awesome mom!!!

ashcraft8 said...

That is so funny. It's amazing how busy we get in the morning. Now each morning your going to have to have a PJ check right after the backpack check. Keep up the good work.

pati-Sue said...

You deserve MOM award! How many times have the Ashcraft 8 gone to school in their pajama bottoms?
How many times did you go to school in some funky thing? Just one of life's laughable moments, that make life fun. Love Mom

Deon said...

OK that is something I can totally see myself doing! Too funny!