Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Adventure City

We took the kids to Adventure City on Monday. It's a small amusement park in Buena Park. By small I mean that we went on almost all the rides, ate lunch, and watched a show all in the span of about 2 1/2 hours. Definately not Disneyland. The girls loved it....The rides were perfect for Tabitha's age. Sabrina loved that she was old enough to stand in line alone and go on rides by herself. Charlee slept most of the time- so I guess she had a good time, too.
Fun family times. Here's a few (lousy) pics:

I love this picture of Charlee's reaction to the train ride. She's getting so big.

This WILL NOT be our Christmas card picture...I PROMISE!!


ashcraft8 said...

What a great day. Charlee looks like she is really enjoying the ride. We love Adventure City.

pati-Sue said...

Darling picture of Charlee.
Looks like a fun time.
love mom

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

How fun! We love the family picture!