Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cookies from Carol

Every year, since I can remember, Sister Murray has made the most delicious Halloween sugar cookies. I remember being Sabrina's age and on Halloween night going to her house and she would come out with a baggie and a orange frosted pumpkin cookie with candy corn eyes and nose. Her house was the best trick or treat spot! This year she came to my house and dropped off those yummy cookies and it warmed my heart to see Sabrina get as excited about those cookies as I still do!


pati-Sue said...

Sister Murray is one in a billion!
What would we do without her?
It is almost like having an aunt...she's always there for us.
We all love her--she is my role model.

ashcraft8 said...

We Love getting her cookies also. It's always a treat to look forward to each year. We are so lucky to know her.