Friday, November 16, 2007


This is Tabitha's reaction to seeing her greatest fear on T.V. What is her fear?

Yep, clowns. I have to say... there IS something a little freaky about certain clowns. But today when Tabi was watching Mr. Rogers, he put on a full mask that looked just like the one above. What was he thinking??? Tabi lost it!! I mean screaming and crying uncontrollably for a good 15 minutes. (Needless to say, we turned off Mr. Rogers and did puzzles instead.)

So this made me think....what are my fears? How do I react to them? And what can I do to get over them? I'd have to say my biggest fear is losing my wonderful husband. I've had that fear since day one. But over time I think I've learned to live in the moment with him. I love every memory we make together and hope for the next one to be just as good. Actually losing anyone I love is a fear. But I am so grateful to have the beliefs that I have and know that I can live eternally with those I love.

Anyone else wanna share their fear and what pulls them through?

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Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

Poor Tabitha...scared of clowns! Thomas has a long list of know his #1 fear...roarrrr!!!
P.S. Thank-you for the sweet comments...Thomas loves you!