Thursday, November 1, 2007

How did you know?

Do you think this blog is going to be about this yum-yum dessert?
Well, your wrong. Sort of.
I just need a few moments to vent.
This has been a TOUGH week in the mommy world for me.
Tabitha is really going through some tough times. Yea, your saying, of course she is... she's 4! But she has some personality struggles with me and with herself and it hasn't been easy this week. For instance, she absolutely refused to go to school on Tuesday. She was supposed to dress up and trunk or treat. Nope, didn't happen. In fact I had to pry her out of car. Then she wouldn't go in class and then she wouldn't let go of me. She was crying (hysterically) and I was we both went home and cryed.
I love her with all my heart (see yesterday's post). But both of us are struggling and I hope things get better. In fact I know they will....time, patience, time, patience, prayer, and lots of love.
Next child: Charlee. She has been sick with croup for about 7 days. She is definately getting better. But in the meantime she lost about a pound and taking her sweet time gaining it back. She eats okay...but then spits up about 1/4 of what she eats. Her doctor visit to check her weight gain was okay...she is gaining about 2 ounces each time we go. She may have to eat some cereal to help her keep the food down, but I am trying to hold out on that. But then the doctor didn't like how she was responding to vision and hearing checks. I've been checking her and I think she's fine. I think maybe she's just laid back. I hate when babies get sick. They are so pathetic and it hurts my heart to see her miserable. Thankfully we are on the upswing.
And finally there's Sabrina. She likes to push the limits sometimes and it drives me crazy. A sassy seven-year-old second grader. YUCK! Fortunately all I have to do with her take away some computer time or other privileges and she shapes up.
Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. They are good kids. But they each have stressed me to the max this week.
And this week hasn't been all about my kids stressing me out...I put a lot on myself. I can be pretty hard on myself and that doesn't help out. You know, why aren't I the perfect mom? Why can't I do this and this and that? Why am I so fat? Why can't I be more like her? Why don't I have any friends? Bottom line...why am I not happy?
Anyways, venting over...and why do I have that picture. Well, because my dearest sister-in-law could tell I needed a pick me up. She's been there, done that, felt like how I feel. So she did what all good friends do...She brought me some pity party food. Pumpkin yogurt with whipped cream from Golden Spoon. (and C batteries for Charlee's swing..would have been a long night without those.)
THANK YOU are a true friend!


ashcraft8 said...

Here's to the week finally ending! We'll have fun at CUW this weekend and start fresh next week. Have a good nights sleep.

pati-Sue said...

I didn't enjoy my week either. I worried about you and others, tried to do too much at school, can't seem to do my basic chores at home,(to me the house looks like a pigpen) and did not keep to my plan of more exercise. Some weeks are like that. On the plus side, I
did read a great book that came just at the right time for me. And met with the Book Club to discuss it (and hear about THE TRIP
I should have gone on). And the stressing over school all worked out;or at least I have my ideas in order. So I am looking forward to CUW and a fresh start. I hope there is some neat stuff to spend my money on.
The bowl of ice cream looks yummy and You do have a friend in Tiff.
I love you Mom