Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sabrina was in the roadshow for 10th ward. "Can't pay the rent" was based off the 1920's.
It was full of music and dancing - and everyone just had a great time!
Kudos to all those who put it all together! There are some amazingly talented ladies and gentlemen in our ward. Kudos to Sister Fakatou for making this darling dress for Sabrina (in one night I might add).

Here's a few pics of the night:

Sabrina the flapper and Wyatt Hess the paper boy.
Waiting for their stage debut.

"But we CAAAANNNT pay the rent. 'Cause someboooodddeee stole it" -Trixie (Megan Hess)

Ladies....Let's Dance! Mambo #5

Sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. Our roadshow was very fast and action-packed with lots of dancing, lights, singing and more. Definately the best roadshow of all... not that I'm biased.

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Braden & Jodee Christensen said...

Great Pictures! Sabrina looked so cute :o)