Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sabrina's First Basketball game

Sabrina wanted to sign up for basketball with Camryn (her cousin) at Whaley Park. They practice twice a week and they had their first game on Saturday. Camryn has experience and she is just about the only one on the team that does. So that tells you how novice this team is.

Sabrina is definately a defensive player. She'll get right up in your grill!

She's also quite the little scrapper. She zips back and forth on that court.

So, here's the good part! Here's the senerio:

Sabrina did not take one shot all game long. She knows to just pass it to Camryn. Camryn can take the ball and put it in the basket pretty effortlessly.

The whole game was pretty intense...we score, the other team score, so on....

Then the last quarter it's 13 to 14-the other team was ahead.

Whaley team (us) get the ball in the last 6 seconds. Camryn takes it to the hoop....3 seconds on the clock....she shots and it goes over the hoop...Sabrina catches it and with 1 second on the clock tosses it up and makes the WINNING SHOT!!!!

And the crowd went wild....seriously....our whole side of the gym went into total FREAKOUT mode! One dad ran over and picked Sabrina up and paraded her around the gym...crazy!!! She had no clue what the heck just happened. She was just happy her team won. Even the referee came up to all the parents and said that was the BEST game he had seen all day, boys league included.

Did I get a picture of all that? NOoOoOo...I was way too into the game myself and lost track of taking pictures. But here's one that I love of the girls after the win....

Go #18!
Go #5!


pati-Sue said...

That was a great game from the start. I took a lot of pictures, but I missed the last few seconds. It was truly incredible--Ashcraft to DelBello to the hoop!
Hooray for the girls of Whaley.

ashcraft8 said...

A great way to start the season!!!!

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

Sabrina is sooo athletic, yet girly...she is perfect!!! Good luck and have a fun season of basketball, running, etc. We love you!!!

Hess Fam said...

I love all of your recent updates! That is such a fun story about the winning shot. I wish you would have captured that on camera! Maybe you should just hire out a photographer for the next game? She sounds like a SUPERSTAR!!!

kEllY said...

I love that your girls are interested in sports. I'm sure that makes Dad happy!

Titel Troop said...

Hi AmySue!,
I just resently joined the blogging world and am happy to see you on here! I will add you to my list of friends if you don't mind. I can't believe how big the kids are getting. Seems like it was just a few years ago I was babysitting Sabrina! Mandi