Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day nine was mighty fine!

I started day nine started off with by giving a piece of me

The Red Cross wanted my blood to keep others healthy

A garden we should grow

And I LOVE sweet peas, you all should know

So I began to hoe and hoe

Now my arms and back are screaming...OH NOOOOO!

Tabitha helped....

Sabrina did too...

But it was Charlee who loved to roll on the grass and coo.

Then it was Daddy/Daughter night

So off to a CSULB girls basketball game....GO, FIGHT!!!

They had lots of fun and got lots of stuff

Day 9 was fun and this poem was really ruff!

I LOVE Saturdays!!!!!!

1 comment:

pati-Sue said...

You really had a very full day
You gave blood, that's a service
Giving blood makes me nervous.

I love sweet peas also,
Yes I do
If mine don't grow,I'll get some from you.

Daddy-daughter night
That's so sweet
Two daddys that are really neat.

I love y'all Mom