Monday, February 4, 2008

The fourth day of Valentine's

The fourth day of Valentine's a surprise I did see
My sweetie left a sign for me
In my rush to get Sabrina to school
I was pleased to see he remembered me, how cool.
I am so grateful for the sweet little things Gian does for me. He's the best!!
HEY need to let me know what you LOVE. Is it a book, a certain type of makeup, a food that you devour, a special someone?? What makes you fall in LOVE?
Please leave a comment and join in my 14 days of Valentine's. (Who knows, maybe what you LOVE will be on your doorstep on Valentine's day?)

1 comment:

pati-Sue said...

Your man is a prince
We love him too
because he is
ultra good to you.
(And the girls,too)

It's not easy to choose just one
thing I love
My family, music, art, the Lord above
I guess I'll give this much more
And be more grateful for what I've got!

Thanks for making me think!
Love you Mom