Thursday, February 7, 2008

Seven days of Valentines

Seven days of Valentine's we have had
And seven more to go
I've been having fun
So I guess I'll do some mo'.
Today was kinda slow
Went to the doctor
(no, I'm not prego)
I've said it before, I know
Kaiser insurance is the way to go.
So, we are halfway to Valentine's
And I still don't know what makes you shine
I want your comments so here is my plea
What do you LOVE or do you just love fleas????
(Can you tell my poetry is fadeing? I think I might burn out on the poems...but the countdown will definately go on!)


pati-Sue said...

On the seventh day of Valentines
Your dad some oranges did bring,
To help to keep you all healthy
Until at least the Spring.
We LOVE to share with others
The bounty that we grow,
And we LOVE DelBellos
But of course that you know.
My verse
Is terse
I'm ready
For beddy.
Night Night Mom

Deon said...

I am impressed that you are still going strong. I Love this time of year as well. (I think it helps that my birthday is two days before Valentines)I love reading about your family and everything that is going on