Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Eve

It's Valentine's Eve and I think we're ready
The girls have their Valentine's for their friends
The house is decorated
and soon my blog countdown will end.
It's been so much fun to think about LOVE
To share with you what we do
To read the comments
And to celebrate LOVE through and through.
Tomorrow will be fun
I can't wait to wear red
My kids are excited
And all tucked snug in their bed.
I hope you take the chance to show others kindness
I hope you can express your LOVE to others
I hope you know that you are LOVED
And enjoy your day and call your mothers!!!

1 comment:

pati-Sue said...

the thirteenth was lots of work
but also lots of fun
now that Tri Delta alumni meeting's
i think my work is done!
think of all the people
that you really do LOVE
the list goes on for a long long time
many pages it does cover.
at the top of my list is family
i am truly blessed
to have the kin that i have
i LOVE them above the rest.
looking forward, carry on
the LOVE you feel
because it's LOVE that
makes our life real.

LOVE y'all mom