Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sabrina's first club track meet

Sabrina competed in her first club track meet on ALLLLLL DAAAYYY!!!

(7am to 4pm)

It was quite the experience! These other teams are definately out for blood!! You should of heard some of the other coaches. Pretty harsh. Anyways, she did pretty good. She ran in an 800 medley. She ran the anchor leg, which means the first girl ran 100m- then the 2nd girl ran 100m- the 3rd girl ran 200m- and finally Sabrina ran 400m (one whole time around the track). They took fifth place.

This is the group that ran the 800 medley.

She also ran the 100m and did well. Unfortunately for that one she had to run against most of her team. But they were all good sports about it!

She also did the long jump and got 7th place.

All in all it was a learning experience...for her and us.

Here's a couple pictures of her other teammates.



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Deon said...

Way to go Sabrina! That is so cool that she has found something she loves!!!