Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gian's Birthday Fun

Gian started his birthday with Sunday dinner at my mom and dad's house. He chose spaghetti, bread, seven-layer salad and ice cream cake. It was yummy!!! He got some fun gifts-running clothes and money for a 1/2 marathon he wants to do. Fun way to start his birthday festivities.
Then on Wednesday (4/30-his actual birthday) Gian got ambushed in the bed by all his girls, singing Happy Birthday! He got a few of his favorite things: Oatmeal creme pies, peanuts and a new Wii game.

We went to Disneyland and had a load of fun. We definately had to go to City Hall to get his birthday button.

His first pick for rides that day: Buzz Lightyear, of course!!
He also took Sabrina on Indiana Jones for the first time. Let's just say, she's not a fan of that ride. Here's something cool: while they went on Indy, I took Tabitha and Charlee on Jungle Cruise. When we were in line I noticed a tour guide (usually a red flag that there is a celebrity). Sure enough it was John Stamos. Of course my hands were too full to get to the camera quick enough, so no pic...but we almost got to ride on his boat!!! I've seen him at Disneyland at least 3 times...he's pretty big into Disney from what I hear.

We then went to California Adventure. We had to see the new Playhouse Disney show...Tabitha loves "Little Einsteins".

For dinner we went to Rainforest Cafe. We had a fun time and the girls love it in there!

Cute girl!

Silly Birthday boy and brown-eyed girl.

We topped the day off with some ice cream at Haagen Daz (or as Sabrina says...Haagen Dogs).

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Gian. Can't wait 'til next year!!!

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Heidi said...

How fun! Did he wear his B-day button ALL day? Cute pics!