Monday, May 26, 2008

One step closer to kindergarten...

Tabitha had her kindergarten check-up on Friday. She did great!!! 4 shots didn't even phase her. Not a single tear. She weighs 47 lbs. and is 44 inches tall. She's definately our "big boned" girl. I love her fun personality! She's a stubborn, red-headed girl...with a definate love for life.
I have actually struggled with the decision to send her to school- her birthday is September 19th, so she will be on the young end of kindergarten. She's a smart girl and does well at preschool...but she struggles with some social skills (ie: major temper tantrums, so on). So I have been toying back and forth with the idea of kindergarten...should she, shouldn't she?????
But can I stand it one more year with her home???
So she's going...and we will be praying that we don't get frequent calls from the teacher! Wish us luck!


ashcraft8 said...

Tabitha you are so brave! What a big girl you are now.

Totally Hess said...

I feel your pain sister! That kindergarten question is so hard!