Sunday, June 1, 2008

Disney Day

Definately time for a Disney day! So off we went. Everything was great for the first couple hours and then......poor Tabitha got sick. Luckily we live close, so Gian took Tabi and Charlee home for a while. After a nap Tabitha felt better and they came back to join me and Sabrina.
A bunch of cute monkeys taking a ride on Casey Jr's train.
Teacups with Dad
Why is that the ice cream is always better at Disneyland (where you pay $4 for two scoops)? Oh well, look at that face loving every penny of it!
Fun at California Adventure
Rock climbing and....

and getting wet on Grizzly Rapids.

What a fun day!


Maosi Fam said...

how fun! glad you guys had a good time!

ashcraft8 said...

What a well deserved break.

denise said...

We'll have to catch up with you sometime at Disneyland. One of my favorite places to be with my kids.

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

SOOOO MUCH FUN!!! Can't wait to go w/ you 2 weeks!?!

Deon said...

Everytime I read about you going to Disney I get JEALOUS!!! I miss living so close!!! BLake hasn't ever been and who knows when we will take him how said is that!