Monday, June 16, 2008

A Father's Day Getaway

For Father's Day we wanted to something fun. Gian's dad died back in 1995 and my dad is on a mission, so we didn't really have anyone to celebrate with. I decided to something special for Gian (and for the rest of us).
We went to church in the morning. Gian got a new calling as the Executive Secretary. He's pretty excited about it. I'm sure he will do great!
Then we headed off to the Disneyland Hotel. We checked into the hotel and got settled and then headed off to California Adventure.
Unloading all our junk in the room.
A few rides in Bug's land was perfect for us.

Our next stop was to Goofy's Kitchen for a fun Father's day dinner. The food was yummy! Charlee was in the best mood...even with cutting her two top front teeth. She was so cute meeting the characters. She LOVED Minnie Mouse!

Tabitha was in heaven just looking at Jasmine's outfit. She is my sparkly, jewelry lovin' gal. She was totally mesmorized by all Jasmine's sparkly, goobily, shakey jewels. However, Tabitha did point out (rather loudly) that Jasmine has on a hoochie-choochie top.

Charlee's encounter with Minnie Mouse was priceless. Minnie was wiggling her nose and that's why Charlee is grabbing it. Minnie spent quite a bit of time with her and gave her lots of kisses. When Minnie walked away Charlee just watched everywhere she went.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!! You're our Goofy guy!

The girls found these remote control boats and had fun trying to drive them around.

After a stop at the gift shop, it was beddy-bye time.

When we got up in the morning the first words out of the girls mouths was, "Can we go swimming now?" We spent the rest of our time at the pool. Sabrina loved going down the big slide. Tabi and Charlee hung out by the little slide and floated around with me and Gian.

This was the PERFECT trip for our family. There was no disputes, no whining....just lots of fun and laughter. We had such fun just hangin' out as our little family of five.

Happy Father's Day to all Dad's! I love you, Gian!


ashcraft8 said...

I'm glad you guys had so much fun. I love the picture of Charlee with her bottom teeth showing.

Melissa said...

What a great idea! I love that you guys are all over disneyland. That is so much fun! We'll have to go together sometime!

Deon said...

Looks like you had so much fun. Isnt it nice to take a little vacation even if it isn't that far from home!! We stayed at the Grand Californian before Tori was born it was so much fun!!!

Titel Troop said...

How fun for you guys! The kids so want to stay a night there....after seeing the pool. I told them we could over the summer! What a cool way for you to spend father's day!

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

I love the pics...especially the last 2! John...Happy Father's Day! Goofy's Kitchen brings back memories...I was a hostess/cashier there, back in 95 (my 1st job and haven't been back)! Are you making this a fun!

Hess Fam said...

I love that you guys did that fun get-a-way! Looks like it was a blast! I love Tabitha's hoochie-coochie comment. Aunt Tiff better not wear her belly dancing costume around her!! ;)

Jackie Rama said...

Looks like you guys have tons of fun. You have such a cute family. I was surprised to read how you wrote there was "no whining . . ." I thought, "What? Does Amy Sue's family ever have issues?" You guys look like you are always having so much fun and without conflict!