Friday, June 13, 2008

Preschool Graduation

Tabitha "graduated" from preschool today!
Whew! What an accomplishment!
She has grown up so much this year. She has learned a lot in preschool and made some friends. So now it's on to Kindergarten....hope she's ready!?!

My cute girl and her preschool trophy!
Ms. Lizzy and Tabi....doesn't her teacher look like fun? She is!!! We love Ms. Lizzy!
Ms. Methelyn and Tab...she's the best assistant ever!
Tabitha and Isabella....Isabella was Tabitha's first friend at school. She's adorable! (and part Italian also!) What cute little friends!
This was Tabitha's class doing their little performance. I was so surprised that Tabitha even got up there to sing and do the little scarf dance. She was on the verge of tears...but managed to make it through.
I can't believe that Tabitha will be going to Kindergarten in the fall. Where has the time gone?


Deon said...

All the photos with her little friend are SO CUTE!!! Is Kindergarten all day or half day there?? Can you believe Tori will be starting pre-school in Sept!!

ashcraft8 said...

Tabi, I'm so proud of you for getting up and singing and doing the scarf song. It was my favorite song of the night. Have a super fun summer.