Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another CrAzY week

I don' t think I can keep up this pace much longer! Anyways, here's how our week 3 went.
Sunday we went to church. My Primary class did their class presentation-which went well. Glad that is over! After church we had a special visit from Tara and Aaron Maosi. Aaron was leaving THAT DAY for Navy boot camp. They came over to say goodbye. It was a bittersweet goodbye-and a great learning experience for my children to see someone leave to serve our country.
Monday was track at Whaley. No pics of you really need more pictures of my kids running? Yes, I said kids...Tabitha has been enjoying it too!
Tuesday, Tabitha had school. Sabrina' friend, Brooke, came over. They had fun on the slip-n-slide and playing with the Wii.

Wednesday was our family day. We took the kids miniture golfing. This was a first for the girls- and a good 10+ years since Gian and I had gone. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Gian crawling in the little house looking for his lost golf ball. Quite a site to behold!! After golfing we stopped at Jack in the Box for some yummy Oreo shakes.

Thursday, Tabitha had school. She has a crush on the cutest little boy, Luke. He is also in our ward. They are best buddies. We usually take him home after school and they just chatter away in the cute. After school we went swimming with my sister-in-law and her crew. Thanks to the "older kids" for helping me out that day!

Friday...the Fourth of July...we didn't have any plans so we made the best out of what we could do. We started the day off with watching the Gidget marathon on TV. Oh, how I LOVE that show!! Then we went swimming for a bit. We did a few poppers in the driveway and watched the neighbors do their illegals. We also watched the Macy's fireworks show on TV and made homemade shakes. Pretty low key, but we made the best of it!

And finally Saturday! We went to Atlantis Park in Garden Grove. I used to go to this park when I was younger. It's a fun place to let the kids just run and have fun. The girls loved the dragon slide! Later that night we went to the Long Beach Armada game at Blair Field. They left a free admission thing on our doorstep. We live right around the block and on the nights they do fireworks they always leave free admission tickets on the doorstep. We only went for a little while, since the kids were already pooped out...but it was fun while we were there!

So there you have it. Week 3.

As a side note, the summer holidays are hard for me this year with my parents gone, once again. Father's day, Fourth of July, Charlee's FIRST birthday coming up, and my's such a bummer to not have them here to party with!! I miss them like crazy. I hate only being able to talk with them once a week for only 30 minutes. When they were on their previous missions we were able to talk to them more often. Not the case this time. Every call we get sounds like they are struggling a bit more this time. I worry about them. I love my parents. We spend a lot of time with them when they are around- the girls love their grandparents and love hanging out with them. We all are missing them so much. BUT we are grateful for their service to the Lord and for the example that they are setting for others to serve a mission. Love you Nana and Papa!


ashcraft8 said...

What a busy week! Thanks for going swimming with us on Thurs.. I love the picture of the girls on the couch. Charlee looks so big. I miss your parents too. It's a big void without them here But I am proud of them for setting an example of service for our families. Have fun starting your
4th week of summer.

Scott & Betsy said...

That was a sad day for me when it hurt my hips to slide down the dragon slide... The pictures were like a stroll down memory lane :) Thanks!

cari said...

I remember we knew it was a special day when we got to go to Atlantis Park! That brought back fun memories for me too.

Deon said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun!! I don't think I could keep up with your pace :) I am sorry that you are missing your parent! Just think though they will be home before you know it and your family is being blessed for them serving!! I miss you guys!