Sunday, August 24, 2008

A FuN DiSnEy DaY!!

So we made one more hurrah to Disneyland with some friends. It was such a fun day!!
We got there at 9:30 in the morning and didn't leave until about 6pm. Yes, it was hot...and yes, it was crowded. But it was such a fun day!
Here's the gang, hangin' out and waiting for Audra, Kyle, Brooke and Jason. They got there a little later than us and ran into some quirks (long lines for parking and the tram) getting into Disneyland. So while we waited we went on a few rides.

We hit up Buzz Lightyear and that's when the fun began. Getting off the ride my shoe got caught in the stinkin' walkway. Yeah, no joke. My shoe seriously was caught (with my foot still in it, by the way). Luckily Gian got off the ride after me and saw me in distress. He thought I was nuts and then saw my shoe getting sucked into the moving walkway. With Charlee in one hand and my shoe in the other he gave it a good yank (stretch is more like it...darn rubber shoes) and ripped the back right off. Oh yeah...that's right the back part of my shoe I left stuck in the moving walkway of Buzz Lightyear ride. Didn't you smell the burning rubber??? SooooOOOooo funny!

Yep, eaten up by Buzz Lightyear!

Finally all the gang arrived (from left to right: Kyle, Jason, Brooke, Sabrina, Tabitha, and Gian holding Charlee in the and Audra were trying to get everyone to smile)
Lunch time at Hungry Bear Resturant. You know it's a busy summer day when that resturant is open. Look at that cute stinker with Kyle's hat on!
Tabitha and Jason were best buds by day's end.
Gian tryed out the Segway experience. He's always wanted to try out a Segway. He had a blast doing that! It looked fun, too!
Cooling off before we hit the rides at Bug's Land.
Hangin' out and waiting for the parade. We scoped out a bench in the shade, grabbed some frozen lemonade and waited for the Pixar Parade.
Passing the time with some hand clapping games. These girls are such cute friends!
Yep, see....I really was there.
Loved the parade. I didn't know it was a water parade until about 5 minutes before it started. Thank goodness, since it was about 5000 degrees! The kids had a great time getting squirted and they even got smart and grabbed our squirt bottles and shot back!
Charlee was in the best mood all day long. She had a great time!

Buzz you think he found the rest of my shoe?

That water was pointed right at me!!!

And a fun finale...Mater.

We had so much fun. I totally could have stayed so much longer. Good thing we can go back again...and maybe next time it won't be as crowded or hot AND my shoe won't get eaten again!!


Deon said...

OK YOU TOTALLY MAKE ME MISS DISNEY!! I heard once that crocs get eaten by escalators but I hadn't ever know anyone who it had happened to! Good thing Gian was there to help you!!!

Maosi Fam said...

how fun! and im still laughing about your eat'n up shoe!!!! hahaha

cari said...

Sounds like a blast! (Minus the shoe eating.) My kids would be so jealous!

Hess Fam said...

I love your new family picture...well at least I think it's new??!!