Sunday, August 3, 2008

Run, Swim and Horses

This week was pretty fun.
Sabrina and Tabitha competed in the Whaley Park Track and Field Olympics. They had so much fun doing the "Opening Ceremonies", complete with a little light-up torch and flag parade.
They both did real well in all the events that they participated in.
Opening Ceremonies

Tabitha's start position

Sabrina's high jump

Sabrina and Tabitha are wrapping-up swim lessons at Belmont Pool. Next week is their last week. I am so impressed with the progress that they have made. Sabrina has learned lots of new strokes. And Tabitha can now swim without floaties (water wings, lifejacket, whatever). Tabitha also can go off the high dive by herself! She is lovin' the water ALOT!!!

We were invited to a birthday party for a friend at church that was going to be at the horse stables/petting zoo. Sabrina LOVES horses (she's saving her money to buy one; where we will put it, I don't know.) Tabi and Sabrina were so excited to go to the party- however, I have not been too happy about their behavior lately and decided that they had to EARN the priviledge of going to the horse party. 25 stars = go to the birthday party. Well, they did it....and we went. You can tell by the pictures that they had a great time.

Complete with horse T-shirts.

Feeding the rather greedy goats.

Look at the serious face! She rode the trotters 2 times and pony 1 time.

Tabitha loved the pony ride (4 times). Why is it that the darn pony poops every time she rides it?

Even Charlee got to ride the pony. This was her first time riding the ponies. She was a little unsure at first, but finished the ride with giggles! So cute!

All smiles! (and her pony pooped too! What the heck?)

A fun week. But we are winding down. I'm in desperate need of fun, CHEAP places to go. Help??


Hess Fam said...

I want to know where that cute horse place is. You know I'm a bit of a cowgirl at heart. If you girls are ever in AZ at the same time as me...I must take your gals out to see my dad's horses! (I know that's a long shot!) Fun Week!

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Megan- It was Lakewood Equestrian (sp?) Center. Across the street from the Long Beach Towne Center (near Walmart end). My girls LOVE horses and would think they have died and gone to heaven if they saw your dad's horses! Maybe we'll have to make a trip to AZ!

Katie said...

AHHHH... blog stalking. Every blogger does it, and if they tell you they don't they are lying. Besides, it's a great way to find people you know. Yes, I did work at Memories in Tustin. You have a great memory for names and/or faces! I searched your blog for a picture of you (and while doing it realized I had been to your blog before... blog stalking!) but couldn't find a picture of you that was close enough to recognize (and for some reason they didn't blow up when I clicked on them) so you'll have to remind me how I know you. Fun to find people! P.S. Your baby is so cute. I've always wanted to name a daughter Charlie but I have a niece named Charlotte so it's out for us! Oh well. Her birthday pictures are adorable! Did you take those?

ashcraft8 said...

I love how much the girls love track. Tell Charlee to stay off the horses for a while, she's not big enough for that yet!

Heidi said...

How fun! Hailey dreams of a horse someday too. She says she wants to be a cowgirl when she grows up!!! =)

Scott and Betsy said...

I like the new fam photo!!