Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a fun week!

I had a great "birthday week"! Here's how it went down:
It started off with one sick little baby! Poor girl, she was miserable and pathetic. Luckily she wasn't a whiney mess....just sick! By the end of the week she felt better, but unfortunately lost a little weight, so we are watching what she is eating now!

While Charlee was napping and getting better, I decided that we better check-off another item on our summer list....a LEMONADE stand. So we busted out the styrofoam cups, Country Time lemonade mix, chairs, signs and table....made a few phone calls as advertisment...and there you have it -a Lemonade stand!
Sabrina and Tabitha made $4.00 each! Way to go, girls! (And thanks Aunt Tiff and neighbors for indulging in some cold lemonade.)
Wednesday was my birthday! I had a great day. My sweet baby Charlee woke me up at 6:30 with a HUGE smile (almost like she knew it was my birthday) and a HUGE yucky diaper. Gian took the day off work and managed the kids all day for me. My sister in law, Tiff, brought me some darling flowers. We then went to Target for some shopping. When we got home, my friend Audra (and Brooke and Kyle) came over to visit. She brought me the yummiest gift certificate ever...Charmed Cupcakes! I loved the visit with them...that made my day!!! I also got a phone call from my missionaries (my mom and dad). It was good to hear from them. In the evening we headed out to Disneyland. We made a quick change of plans and went to Outback for dinner first. I decided I wanted a real gOOooOOd dinner and I love Outback...ohhh, yummy! We walked around Downtown Disney a little and then headed home for some Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!
The birthday girl and party crew.

On Thursday Sabrina had her friend, Brooke, over to hang out. They played the Wii for a while, until Charlee decided she wanted to play. Then they went outside and played in the pool.

Gian played "Cabana boy" and served them Lemonade poolside. He's such a good sport!

Tabitha got to go to Knott's Berry Farm for her cousin, Devyn's, birthday. She had a great time going on rides. But she LOVED the Snoopy show! She came home with lots of stories to tell us about Knott's. She had so much fun! (pictures coming soon...)

We wrapped up the week with a fun barbeque at the Mike and Tina Morrison's house. It was a blast chatting with friends and eating yummy carne asada cooked on Mike's new barbeque.

The guys had a great time playing foosball. Their little tournament went on for quite a while...I lost track of time since I was enjoying chatting with the gal pals.

Our summer is quickly coming to a close. It's bittersweet...I'm ready to be a chauffer as opposed to the activities director. But I will miss the laziness of summer, that's for sure!


Hess Fam said...

First of time you have a lemonade stand you better call me. I would have been their best customer! (Sorry Tiff!)
Looks like it was a fab b-day week!

Heidi said...

Fun! What a great Birthday!!! Glad it was a happy one! =)

kEllY said...

I want some of the chocolate yumminess you are holding! Sounds like a great week! I commented on your birthday post, but Happy Birthday, again.