Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back into the swing of things

So it's back into the swing of things. With the kids in school I've been spending a lot of time in this:

I haven't been doing much of this:

I did get this:


(google it and you will totally get grossed no picture for that)

And I did get to go here once (alone with ONE child, wow):

So, it's back to school and back to tedious Mommy duties.


cari said...

I'm so sorry you got Zoster! My son had that once and it was awful! At least you have Disneyland though!

denise said...

hope you're feeling better

pati-Sue said...

Attitude adjustment time! Not tedious--just life on the family track. We love you. We love your sweet, darling, hilarious, loving girls, and we love your attentive,understanding husband. Now, get to work and bake those chocolate chip cookies before your action packed week end arrives.
Smile!!! Love Mom

pati-Sue said...
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Kasey said...

You aren't kidding! Between school, homework and soccer I feel like I barely have time to blog...darn priorities!

Titel Troop said...

I can totally relate!! That's one reason there is not updates on my blog!! Those boring nothing to do days are long gone!!

P.S. I saw your husband at Seal Beach Target. I said to say Hey. I think we must go to Targe too much since we see each other all the time there!!