Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fabulous, Fancy and finally FIVE!!!

A girl couldn't have asked for more on her 5th birthday.
Tabitha woke up to a Happy Birthday sign, blow-up princess castle, and a crown on her special day.

Since Tabitha's birthday fell on a school day she got to take cookies in to her class to share.
After school we let Tabi choose what she wanted for lunch. She chose "Happy Stars" (Carl's Jr.). I think she picked that since she likes their playground the best. Hey, those are the priorities of a FIVE year old, I guess.
Sabrina made this cute sign for Tabitha and put it on the play house. I love it!
Tabitha was OVER-THE-TOP excited when she got this dress-up and Fancy Nancy purse and sunglasses from the Sasse family!!!! Two of Tabitha's favorite things....Fancy Nancy books and dressing up!!!
We let her pick what we would have for dinner and she picked Straw Hat...again, probably so she could just play games. This picture of her eating was taken very quickly between dumping quarters in games to get tickets.
And finally to top off a FABULOUS day...Aunt Tiff made this darling tutu and headband for Tabitha. (The shirt Tiff got to go with the tutu says "If you think I'm're right.") The tutu is way cute and even cuter is when Tabitha got on her scooter and had it flying in the wind.

What more could a FIVE year old want? be FABULOUS....FANCY..... and FIVE!!!!


Deon said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tabitha!!! WE LOVE the little Mermaid dress up Tori would be jealous!! WE are in town until the 1st (Well San Diego but a lot closer than WA) we should get together and let the kids play!

pati-Sue said...

What a fancy mermaid you are Tabitha. Happy Birthday! Being 5 is fun and you are growing up. Kindergarten is great and you can do well--so try hard and make it a great 5-year-old year. We love you. Nana and Papa

Heidi said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday Tabitha! What a grand celebration!!! Love the fabulous pics!

jonesfamily said...

Tabitha is so Fancy Nancy-Esque! How fun is THAT?!? Happy birthday to her! I guess that means Isaac is right around the corner!

cari said...

how darling! I love five-year-olds! happy birthday!