Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Belated Birthday Catch-Up

While my parents were gone on their mission they missed a few birthdays (6 to be exact). So now we are trying to catch up on birthday dinners at Nana and Papa's house. We did the Del Bello family first (Ashcraft family will be this week, I believe). We had my birthday, Charlee's birthday and Tabitha's birthday all in one. We chose spaghetti, bread and brownies with ice cream. Yummy!!

Here's some pictures of some very happy birthday gals!! Charlee was so happy she could hardly sit down!!!

We got some fun gifts. I got an ear piece for my cell phone (oh that should be interesting-thanks M&D) and I also got a gift card for Claim Jumper (I can hardly wait to use it-thanks DTRCCHDP).

Tabitha got a Fancy Nancy doll. She saw this doll about 5 months ago and has been talking about it everyday since then. She loves Fancy Nancy books!!! Looks like she loves the doll too!

Charlee got this cute horse.

Thanks for a great belated birthday!!!


pati-Sue said...

What's better than a :
Fancy Nancy anything for a darling red-head, green eyed girl,
A "blue-tooth" for a techno savvy, busy mom,
A horse for a smiley one-year-old--it's a "Charlee horse"
Love y'all Mom

Kasey said...

That candle is killing me.