Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cross country meet #4 - Laguna Niguel

This past meet was in Laguna Niguel.

It was an early in the morning run and temperatures were downright COLD!!

Since we have 3 girls in the same age category we decided to run them as a team. What that means is that they are given points according to what place they come in the finish. They all did real well and the team took home their first trophy for 1st place!

I love when I can get a picture of both of Sabrina's feet totally off the ground. It just says to me, "No time to put my feet to the ground...I must fly!"
Unfortunately in this race her flying lead to her first fall. I could tell when she came to the finish line that something was wrong. When I finally got to her she was in tears. Apparently she did a "Superman" fall and hit hands and knees. Since it was so stinkin' cold her hands hurt so bad! No major injuries, but a bit of a broken heart. At least she got right back up and finished in third place.
One tired, sore and cold girl.
The (very minor) injury.
1st place sub-bantum girls
Team success-ribbons, medals and trophies


Christensen's said...

Man that girl is awesome!!!

denise said...

You should have called - you were so close to us.

t and britty said...

your awesome sabrina! i love that she runs, that's rad. just wanted to check what was up with yall. you guys are looking great and doing fun things.