Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cross Country - Mt. Sac...UGH!

So this past week's meet was at Mt. Sac in Walnut. For those of you that are from around here, you may already know what a HORRIBLE course this is! This is the toughest course out there! The hills in this meet make Signal Hill look like an ant hill. I could not believe what these kids had to endure!! One of the hills on the course is called Poop Out hill- and believe me, I was pooped out just looking at it! The positive of this race was that the weather, for the girls at least, was real nice- maybe mid to upper 60's.

At the start of the race.

Sabrina did good for how challenging this course was. She added about 2 minutes to her time-but then so did everyone else! She ran a close race. She was 2nd place for most of the race with the 3rd place girl right on her heels. I was not at the finish line but apparently she decided she was going to win this race (and that 2nd place was not good enough) and ran neck and neck with the other girl. She beat the other girl by about a second, if that...and WON!! It was so exciting! Her finish time was 1.2 miles in 11 min and 35 secs.
This is about 1/2 way through the race.
You can see in this picture how tight the top 3 girls were.
This girl is rockin' the cross country scene! She loves it. Now she is going to start running up an age category in preparation for the Junior Olympics. That means she will have to run longer distances (1.8) and against older girls (10 and below). We hope she will continue her success and get into Junior Olympics held in Virginia in December.

And then there's the always supportive little sister, Tabitha!


ashcraft8 said...

Sabrina, you truly have a gift. We are so proud of you!

Hess Fam said...

Love, love, love! She's amazing! I also am loving your sassy diva in the below post!

Totally Hess said...

Amazing Sabrina! You go girl!

Heidi said...

Go! Sabrina! Walnut is my hometown and and Mt. Sac was my college! cool! I knew they had huge meets there and I heard it was a tough course! That is awesome she ran the course! Very cool Sabrina!

Heidi said...

P.S. Love the prop 8 thingy on the side! =)