Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Halloween Haunt

So Tiff and I decided that it was time to host another Halloween Party. It was definately a decade in the making-especially since it's been about a decade since our last Halloween party.
I think we had more fun decorating and planning than anything else!
So here are some pics from... "Get Your Spook On... 2008"
First, the decor. Keep in mind, I'm not pro with the camera, especially at night!

Tiff found this chandelier that someone was throwing away. She spliced the wires and got it working. She added some flickering lights. We rigged it up to the basketball hoop and spooked up the driveway with it!

She also found this cool lamp post on clearance at Lowes (for 10 bucks, mind you...eat your heart out, Denise!)

Front of the house, all lit up.

And a little somethin' for dinner...hehe.

Now for some cute costumes. I didn't get pictures of everyone, but all the costumes were fun!

Tony and Melissa Johnson as Medusa and the guy that killed Medusa (name?)

Malia and Neil Eckstrand. Malia was gum stuck under a shoe and Neil was a credit crunch.

Some other costumes we had were a Psycho Ward Doctor, some Jailbirds (prisoners of love), chef, fem-mullet lady, soccer players and others.

We also decided to do some "kiddie" games. We had a pumpkin seed spitting contest. We wrapped each other up like mummies with toilet paper. And the topper of the night, we had an eyeball pinata.

Dr. Doug and his powerful spit!

Me spitting a seed. For all the hot air I blow, I sure didn't spit too far.

Mummy wrap

Drew all wrapped up.

A swing at the eyeball.

All in all it was a fun evening, full of food, friends and lots of laughter! Thanks everyone for coming! Put us on the calendar for Halloween 2018.


pati-Sue said...

The party looks like it was worth the effort--love the picture of the house, and the eyeball pinata.
Good job, girls!!!

ashcraft8 said...

Let's not wait a whole decade to have another party. Great pics. It was Spooktacutar!!!!!

denise said...

I so want the 10 dollar lamp post. I also want an invite to the 2018 spooktacular - how do I get on the guest list?

Anne said...

Good times, good times. Those decorations really were the best! I'm with Tiff, I'll be there next year!

Deon said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! I am totally jealous (and I am not even a big halloween person) Wish we were closer to get an invite to the next one