Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Step toward Cross Country Nationals

Sabrina's cross country season is coming to an end soon. But she is trying to qualify for National Junior Olympics. This is a process of three meets. Her first qualifying meet was at Mt. Sac in Walnut. Yes, we braved the fire weather to have her compete. We drove up the 57 freeway, right through some VERY nasty smoke-and that freeway was closed down when we tryed to come home, it was THAT bad. However, surprisingly enough the air quality remained good enough just long enough to have the kids run.
So here's the low down on what this is all about. In all previous meets she ran in what is called the Sub-bantum level (born in 2000 and later) and only had to run 1.2 miles. In these qualifying races she has to run Bantum level (born 1998 and later) and 1.86 miles. So we are talking a longer distance with bigger girls!! She had to come in the top 25 to qualify for the regionals next week.
She ran with all her might. She's small and mighty...that's what we say.
There were 42 girls in her race. Most of which were 9 and 10 year olds.
She ran 1.86 in 14:02 minutes. She came in 18th. Therefore she qualified to go on to Regionals next week, again at Mt. Sac. If she makes top 20 there she will qualify for Nationals in December in Virginia. (Which we can't do this year $-wise, but at least we know where we stand for next year!)

A quick smile before the start.

About halfway through...before the switchbacks.

A sprint to the finish.

Way to go Sabrina...we're there for you all the way. (And that watch with a stop watch will be yours soon!)


ashcraft8 said...

Sabrina, what a great run! Keep up the hard work. We love you

Hess Fam said...

Go Sabrina Go!!!

pati-Sue said...

Papa and I were worried about you, and we prayed the fires would not hurt your running. You did well and we are proud of you!
Love Nana and Papa