Tuesday, November 4, 2008

YES...I did!

Yep...stood in line 40 minutes, with a tired, cranky, crying 15 month old to do my civic duty.
The good news was that Gian was working at the poll that I had to go to...so I got to see him today!! (Yep...he's a pollworker today from 6am until 9pm tonight! Ugly job, someone's gotta do it)


pati-Sue said...

Hoooorayyy for you, I'm proud of you! I am so glad the electioneering is over. Love ya lots. Mom

Heidi said...

Good girl! and good BOY! LOL! =) Our line was short and fast... I saw lots of people in my ward there too. Kind funny! I checked 3 times to make sure I voted YES on 8before I turned in my ballot! =)