Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 4...I heart

....Disney Days!

So we ditched school, work and everything else and had a "mental health" day. First we went to California Adventure and then we went over to Disneyland...Yes, all in one day! Sabrina went on California Screamin' roller coaster for the first time and loved it. I went on with her and got off feeling a bit dizzy (uhh, maybe I'm getting too old for that? NOOooo). And Tabitha went on Space Mountain for the first time and loved it. This time I got smart and sent Gian on, but he got off saying "isn't that ride a little faster than it used to be?" We had a great day, with hardly any crowds, beautiful weather (85 degrees) and lots of laughter!

Gian and Tabitha on the Bug's Life bumper cars. Yeah, I'd be nervous too riding with her!

Time for a yummy treat.

Lovely picture of me and Sabrina on California Screamin'.


ashcraft8 said...

Everyone needs a day off to just have fun! Glad you guys had a great day.

pati-Sue said...

Fun day! Aren't we lucky to live here? I think it was Space Mountain that left your father a little weak in the knees... "Just let me lean against this wall for a minute." I knew that this would be on your "heart" list!

cricket said...

Oh I love that you guys can just drop things and go spend the day there. I know my family is hoping to get back to Disney soon! We love it!!! So much fun!

Natalie said...

I think we need a mental health day soon too. How much fun when it is not crowded and gorgeous weather.