Friday, February 6, 2009

I heart...

Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags.

I know, I know...expensive...but, oh so beautiful. Have you ever felt how wonderful the material is???
Someday I will own this:

or maybe this:

But for now, you will see me with this:

or this:


Hess Fam said...

oh how I'm OBSESSED with the 'cake' line. I sure wish I had $300+ lying around!

pati-Sue said...

Yep. They are awesome to look at.
If you have to tote around all the extra "stuff" You might as well make a statement with it! Love ya!

cari said...

I've never heard of them (must be a California thing :)! ) but I think I can see what you mean. They are really cute!

Billy & Shelly Howard said...

michelle has the cake one that's pink and brown it's so cute!! i tried to walk away with but she saw me.