Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hippity Hoppity...It's Easter Time

It was another beautiful weekend for Easter this year.

Saturday we went to the ward Primary Easter activity at Rec Park. The kids had fun doing crafts, playing games, and decorating cupcakes. Of course they had a blast on the playground, which became the activity of choice when the "sketchy" dressed-up Easter bunny made an appearance. (No chance in heck that Tabitha was getting near that!)

Then we dyed eggs, of course. That was a mess! Note the plastic gloves on our hands so we wouldn't have dye all over them. The eggs sure tasted good when we made them into deviled eggs...mmmm.

The girls woke up Sunday morning to find their baskets filled with some candy, a few "dollar toys", and a new swimsuit.

We went to church and then went to Nana and Papa Ashcraft's house for the "big hunt"! This year each kid had to find: one large patterned egg, one small patterned egg and one large plain egg and 7 more various eggs. Once they found all the eggs then the kids put one of their eggs in the middle and trade. Each of the kids ended up with about $10.

Dinner was delicious...ham, asparagus, cheesy potatoes and strawberry shortcake. did good...think we'll keep ya on steady.

It was a great Easter and best of all it was nice to be reminded of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for us so we may live eternally. I feel as though my girls understand that more than ever this year and that makes me happy.


pati-Sue said...

I love saving the change all year, then seeing how much we have. I love filling the eggs. I love making the dinner, I LOVE family together, having fun!! Love ya

t and britty said...

happy belated easter. i just love all the pictures of the girls. your banner is to die for. love the dresses. great to see that you all are doing well. you guys do so many fun things, just wonderful.