Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sabrina's 9th Birthday

Sabrina chose to go to California Adventure for her 9th birthday (March 23rd). Rylee went with us (to use up the other half of her freebie) and Audra, Kyle and Brooke Sasse met up with us also. We had lots of fun. She got sung to, rode on her favorite rides (California Screamin'), ate some birthday ice cream and had a great time with her family and friends.

Tabitha, Rylee and Sabrina
(Charlee had fun with Aunt Tiff that day instead of coming)

Spinning around on the Ladybug ride in Bug's Land

Getting sung to by this TERRIFIC group!

Hanging out with Brooke!

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pati-Sue said...

What else but Disneyland. Fun times with those who matter most.