Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The O. C. Fair

We ventured off to the O.C. fair. The fair always reminds me of just how much of a city girl I am. When you are just inside the entrance of the fair and already complaining about the smell of animal doo-doo...you just may be a city slicker.

Anyways, we did all the normal fair activities.

...went on rides (not that I am an advocate for rides that are not bolted into the ground)....

...ate fattening food (no picture of that-you can only imagine the yummy cinnamon roll we ate)
...met up with some fabulous friends (so glad we could hang out with you, Jen and kids)

...and played some carnie games and won fish (that was interesting dragging fish around the fair!)

...all in all, it was a great day!

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Jackie said...

I'm so glad we ran into you, Amy Sue. Your family is so darling and they just get cuter as they grow (if that's possible), so I guess I can't be too sad that "Little Tabitha" is no longer the "Little Tabitha" I met the first day in nursery.