Monday, September 7, 2009

A Summer Finale!!

For our final summer activity, we went on vacation to Disneyland. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and enjoyed 2 days of non-stop Disney fun!

We went to California Adventure and rode a few rides, saw a few shows and ate lunch.
Sabrina's favorite ride is California Screamin', of course we rode that!

Tabitha is finally tall enough to ride it too! So after A LOT of coaxing, we got her to go on that ride also. The picture below is proof positive that she REALLY liked it!

We ate a yummy, princess lunch at Ariel's Grotto.

Loving the princess pose.

Charlee was totally amazed by all the princess love!

After lunch, we decided it was time to cool off and relax at the hotel pool.

Can you tell that I was ready for a vacation?!

Charlee loved going on the "tiny waterslide"-until she konked out on the lounge chair.

While Charlee slept and I relaxed, Gian, Sabrina and Tabitha took full advantage of the "BIG waterslide" and played around in the pool.

Gian had to leave for a few hours for work. So me and the girlies met up with Aunt Tiff to go to Disneyland in the evening. We went on It's A Small World, ate dinner and then watched the fireworks.

Charlee loves Small World...all we heard from her was "wookit, wookit" (translation: look it, look it)!!

Yes, I cried during the fireworks when Dumbo flew across the sky. I just love the song "Baby Mine" from Dumbo-so when it played and that cute Dumbo flew across the sky it got to my heart!!

Day 2 was more Disneyland fun with Gian and LOTS more pool play time!!

What a fun way to end summer!


pati-Sue said...

So much fun! I love your new headline picture! Hooray for Disneyland and fun for everyone.
Love y'all Mom

Hess Fam said...

Now that is my kind of vacation. LOVE IT!

ashcraft8 said...

Love the new family picture! I'm glad you had such a fun vacation. Thanks for letting me crash it for a few hours.

Heather said...

I cried during the fireworks too!! We should meet up at Disneyland soon :)
(Your Princess Party friend)