Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13 - I Love....

Day 9

....people that are forgiving.

Sorry I have been a little M.I.A.

I am the enrichment leader in our ward and we had an enrichment meeting this week and it entailed 3 different crafts. I was crazy busy getting stuff ready and neglected the blog...and felt 100% guilty for not following up on the things I love.

So, I love all of you blog readers/stalkers that will forgive me for my leave of absence.
And besides that, I just love people that can forgive others. I make many mistakes and I am grateful to those who stick by my side even though I may have wronged them. That, to me, is TRUE friendship.

Day 10


How could I forget to mention the "most Happiest Place on Earth"?!
I love that I can drop the older girls off at school and head over to Disneyland with Charlee and spend the day there playing with Minnie Mouse.
Sometimes we even meet up with friends and just enjoy a nice sunny California day at Mickey's house.
Or sometimes we just ditch school altogether (opps, did I just say that?) and have fun as a family!
And now, we get to have even more fun because our cousins now have passes and we can go with them!

We are so lucky to live near Disneyland and we totally take full advantage of it!

Day 11

...Powell's Sweet Shoppe on Second Street in Long Beach.

(Be sure to click on that link and watch the video on the home page!)

This yummy candy store (and ice cream and cute trinket things) is so adorable. First of all, who doesn't like some sort of candy?! Second of all, the smell alone will wisk you away to a fantasy of yumminess. And lastly, it is such a happy place inside that you can't leave without a smile on your face (and maybe with a few chocolate spots on your face).

This girl was the epitamy of a "kid in a candy shop".

Day 12

.....dates with my hubby.

This week we got to go out to lunch together to celebrate Valentine's day (and we took our littlest Valentine with us).

I think she loved the ranch dip, don't you?

We also got to go to a fun couples party at a friend's house. We played some real fun games, like Bladerdash, Scum, Taboo, Tellistrations and more. And, to top the night off, my sister-in-law kept the kids overnight for us!

But, I am so glad for opportunities to spend time with just Gian. We need it...and we love it...and we are grateful to those that make that happen for us.

Day 13 new found friends (and finds) on the internet.

It's so fun to reconnect with some friends that I haven't seen in years because of this great technology. (Love you Cricket, Cari, Karin, Denise and lots more).

And all the fun finds that I have discovered-oh boy!

Here's one-look at these yummy cinnamon rolls.

My friend, Linda, makes them and sells them (and lots of other yummy goodies). Click HERE to see what she is offering.


ashcraft8 said...

What a great list of "LOVES". I'm glad you're back to posting.

Hess Fam said...

GRRRRR! I had every intention of ordering cinnamon rolls from Linda for Valentine's day morning. Leave it to my brain dead self to forget!

I love all things you love over the past 5 days.

Craig and Cricket said...

hey, I am the enrichment leader in my ward...we need to swap ideas!
I love Disneyland too! I can't wait to go again. I think Craig and I should just go as a couple for fun! But then I'd feel bad for leaving the kids! AHHH!

pati-Sue said...

I love to see what you love.
Enrichment leader is what happens when you get a reputation for being clever... and Heavenly Father comes to your assistance.

cari said...

I love reading the things you love! I has been great getting back in contact! :)

I just looked up Linda's blog...Yum!