Sunday, January 2, 2011

December 2010 Happenings

We did lots of stuff in the month of December.
So here is a mish-mosh of our fun month.
We decorated Gingerbread men.
I got these cute kits at Trader Joes and we had a blast decorating and eating way too much candy and cookie!
We piled into Daddy's car and picked out a Christmas tree.
Sabrina wins the award this year of finding "the perfect tree".

We went to Knott's Merry Farm one day.
(I think once a year is plenty of Knott's for our family...we'll stick with Disneyland!)

We battled a few sick days and LOTS of rainy days by cuddling up and watching movies.
We went to some super fun birthday parties! Tabitha had a blast at her friend's birthday cookie decorating party. (Hooray for mom's that are totally creative and talented!!)

We went to the church Christmas party.
Sabrina was Mary.

And Tabitha was an Angel.

It was a lovely dinner and Nativity program.

...and Santa even made an appearance. Charlee had quite a list!

Cotillion was titled "Winter Wonderland Prom".
Sabrina, Zoe and Wyatt (the church crew at Cotillion)

All fancied up for Cotillion.
We got to see our very best friends.
Sabrina and Megan- b.f.f.'s!

Some more cookie decorating and then delivered to our friends.
All dressed up for church.
And finally, Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's house.
The kids all got jammies and Nana made them each a pillowcase.

It was a wonderful December...full of family fun and friends!

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