Sunday, January 2, 2011

Too Much Rain

What else do you do after it has rained WAAAAY TOOOO many days in Southern California?
Go MUD-SLIDING, of course!!!
We scoped out some big, really muddy puddles and loaded up the kids and a few "accessories" and had some fun at the park.

There was lots of jumping in mud,

dripping, muddy bodies,
screaming and laughing,
and some serious sliding going on.

It was so much fun that we went back for day two....only to get "caught" and told to leave or else get slapped with a $400 vandalism ticket. Who knew that playing in the mud and dirt was vandalism?? STUPID!!!
Oh well, at least it took them two days for them to catch up with us ;)

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Natalie said...

That looks like so much fun. We miss Long Beach the most in the winter, OK and the summer.

Craig and Cricket said...

I was thinking how fun this kids would love it. But the ticket sounds ridiculous! Seriously who worries about dirt? I am sure it didn't mind.