Friday, February 4, 2011

#11 - I LOVE...

This morning was Tincher's Mom's Muffin (Donut) Morning.
I LOVE that I got to spend the morning at school with Sabrina doing a fun poetry project. And I LOVE that my mom got to spend time with Tabitha in her class making a log cabin out of pretzels...quite the experience for my mom.

After a fun morning at school, I LOVE that I got to spend more time with my mom. We went to a boutique and then out for a yummy lunch.
Meanwhile I sent my wonderful hubby off to work. He went to visit a client in the hospital. And he didn't pass up the opportunity to donate blood...all in the name of getting free parking and free ice cream ("A Pint for A Pint" from 31 flavors). He makes me laugh! I LOVE his creative budgeting skills! And I LOVE that the nurse made him have a yellow arm wrap to match his shirt!

And last, I LOVE that my cute Sabrina got to go in this fun VW Bus with her friend to San Clemente to go beach camping!!

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cari said...

I LOVE your love of Valentine's!