Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Countdown to Valentine's Day #14 / My Tuesday

Most of you know how much I LOVE Valentine's day.
I try to do a countdown to Valentine's day each year on my blog.
So here we go...
#14........ I LOVE Target!!
Most weeks Charlee and I make at least one trip to Target. Sometimes we pick up my mom and she joins in our shopping adventures. I love going to Target with my little compadre/tagalong, Charlee. She's quite the "helper" by reminding me to go down the Toy isle and to go look at books, push all the buttons we can find in different isles and to scan items to check prices. She even "helps" me sing by singing at the top of her lungs. It's always fun to go shopping at Target with my 3 year old!

My Tuesday was definately better than my Monday (see post below). We don't think Sabrina's elbow is broken, but she has to be careful with it for a few days. Darn basketball game!

I took Sabrina to Hughes Middle School for her flute practice with the All-District Band today. While waiting for her I had to use the school potty. It brought back memories. Remember these toilet paper holders and the teeny-tiny squares of toilet paper??

Funny story about that...on March 22, 2000 Gian and a very 9-month-pregnant me went to Open House at Fremont Elementary School to see what my nieces were doing in school. I had to use the potty (do you see where I am going with this?). So, big ol' pregnant me squeezed into a stall, sat on a tiny potty (made for a Kindergartener, I'm sure) and did my thing with the help of about 10 of those paper squares. All was good. Then we left and went home. About 40 minutes after that potty trip (and at home) my water broke. OH MY GOODNESS...could you imagine if that would have happened in that tiny stall with those itty bitty toilet paper squares??? Too funny!! (Sabrina was born 24 hours later on March 23rd. Love that girl!)

Anyways, Sabrina and I came home from practice to red and white lights around our house for Valentine's day...cute, huh? Gian, Tabitha and Charlee were busy while we were gone! (Love those decorators!)

And, finally it was treat time for the family and we kicked off our February with red heart tattoo suckers.

Happy February, Everyone!!


ashcraft8 said...

I love that it's your Valentine countdown month. I love the lights on the house. Happy February!

Hess Fam said...

I LOVE a lot of things about this post! Can't wait to see your cute lights!