Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just when everything is going good.

Just when I thought life was going pretty good, I got thrown a wrench.

On Sunday morning I woke up with a slight pain in my chest. But life doesn't stop for just a little pain. So I got everyone ready for church and off we went. I sat through church very uncomfortable, but put on my happy face and kept on going. After church we went to my mom's house for dinner (see post below). The pain continued but was piercing through to my back. I think it was about this time that I told Gian I think I'm having a heart attack - to which he said "oh, come on Amy, don't be crazy". (He wasn't saying it to be insensitive...just in denial.) Like I said, life doesn't stop for any pain.

When we got home from my mom's house, I was really having some strong pain...and totally thinking that I was INDEED having a heart attack. I got so nervous that I gathered my girls on my lap to take my "final picture" with them. (see above picture) I even wrote letters to each of them in my journal. I refused to go to the E.R. because I didn't want to be embarrased if I went and then it was just gas or something stupid like that (darn pride). I took 4 advil and went to bed crying.

I woke up Monday and got the first doctor appointment I could get. The doctor determined that I wasn't having a heart attack and said I had some viral infection of my muscles in my chest blah blah blah blah. Oh really? Why does it hurt like H E L L?? Yes, by now the pain was making me swear! The doctor prescribed Motrin and Tylenol with codeine. I went home and took the hour later, pain was out of control still. I took the Tylenol with more hour, still bent over on the bed crying in pain. Things were NOT good and I finally called Gian at work and had him take me to the E.R. (side note and another story for another time, but he hit a flying bird on the way to the hospital - I was crying in pain and laughing at what happened...pretty comical)

The E.R. was a long wait. But after blood tests, urine test (nope, not preggo), EKGs, X-rays and an ultrasound it was determined that I was NOT having a heart attack. I have gallstones, with one possibly blocking the bile duct. I am having surgery to have my gall bladder removed in about a week. Until then I just get to manage my pain with pain killers. Good thing I have a high pain tolerance.

Just when I thought life was going well. This experience has made me realize that I need to hold my family closer...things can change in an instant. Lots of life changes are in store for this girl. This has been a huge wake-up call!!!
I don't ever want to have to take a picture like that one above again!


trisha said...

Oh amy I'm so sorry. You made me cry thinking of writing your last letter to your girls. I know that gallstones are like the most painful thing....not from personal experience, just from taking care of patients with them. Good luck with your recovery.

Natalie said...

As I was reading this, the minute you wrote you thought you were having a heart attack I knew you must need your gall bladder out. What a good mom to take a picture with her kids when she's dying of pain. It's a good picture for someone who feels like she's dying. Hope all goes well with your surgery!

Heather said...

I am so sorry you are hurting!!! I hope that the next week goes quickly so that you can have the surgery and feel better. If there is anything you need I am not too far away. I can bring Libi and she and I can entertain the girls so you can rest. Get well soon my friend!!!

Jenny said...

I can't believe you took your "last" picture. Oh my heart!! You're not going anywhere sister!! I'm sorry about all the crap though. Grrrr. I'll be saying prayers for you.

The SoCal Jones' said...

I'm so glad you weren't having a heart attack! What rotten luck! I will call you to see if you need anything this week! XOXO

Jackie said...

O.K., Amy Sue, I know this is not a laughing situation, but you seriously crack me up! Taking a "final picture" with the kids and you even manage a SMILE???? You are seriously the freakin' bomb. I am so glad you are O.K. I'd be having some serious blogging withdrawls if you weren't.