Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Mermaid Undersea Adventure

Last week, my niece, Rylee, Charlee and I went to California Adventure. We got there early so we could get in a short line for Toy Story Mania. After that we played a few games on the boardwalk. As we were walking to go see the Disney Junior show, we noticed that people were getting on the "soon to be opened" Little Mermaid ride. We kinda assumed it was just a preview for people with special passes, but decided to ask if we could go on anyways. LUCKY US...it was a soft opening for ANYONE to go on the ride. We quickly ditched the stroller and got in line (which was a short 5 minute wait) and had a great time on this new ride.

Ursala is HUGE!!!

Rylee giving the ride a TWO THUMBS UP!

My favorite scene, the kissing scene. Loved the music too!

It was so exciting to get to go on this ride before it's official opening...and we absolutely LOVED it!!

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